Time to pick up old threads

My doll sales at Etsy have steeply declined; that is to say, I haven't had a sale in weeks. Its been getting me down quite a bit as I feel the dolls I'm making now are the best I've ever done and I really don't want to lower my prices as they are already low. Some other dollmakers seem to be booming.

Anyhow... in my mopey state I decided to refocus. I hadn't embroidered for some time so I picked up the needle and hoop again. I went through all my designs (of which there are plenty that are still just on paper) and I picked out Mr. Brown. Poor Mr Brown has been flat shades of grey for so long I simply had to do something about it. This is a sneak peek and I must say I'm loving stitching all over again.
I'm also knitting possibly the smallest thing I've ever knitted for this project.
Must put in a reminder for the GIVEAWAY!


Marlya said...

I think your dolls are lovely-- I have often wondered why some people's items on etsy sell like hotcakes, yet others struggle. Maybe it is a matter of perservering and getting lots of feedback. I have read on the etsy forums that some people only buy fron sellers that have a certain amount of feedback.

Hang in there!

The Handmaden said...

Thanks for your encouragement Marlya - did you decide whether to open a shop yet?

I have a rigid heddle loom, why would I consider buying a floor loom?

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