What I've been up to

I finished this custom doll to send off to a US customer, I hope she likes her. She is 18 inches tall and came together beautifully. Now on the to do list is a bear doll as a gift and another doll for the shop, which is looking a little empty. I really think we need a better camera, my photos always come up blurry and don't show detail.

We spent a nice sunny morning at the park where we met some other homeschoolers, which is always nice. The kids had a ball at the park, I must make the effort to get there more often!


Chrisy said...

She's lovely. I find www.picnik.com is a good free site to improve photos.

The Handmaden said...

Thanks Chrisy, I'll check it out.

The week in review, phew!

The week started out well and then WOOSH, I turned around and it was almost over already. A lot of weeks are like that these days. But...