Family Finance 4. False economy?

I'm always willing to try "home brand" products and many offer a true saving for a product equal to brand names. You do however have to be selective and be aware of certain pros and cons. Here is an example:
I recently bought "home brand" liquid soap. We go through a lot of liquid soap with young children in the house there is a lot of handwashing to be done. After it was all used up I bought a brand name soap to compare. I found I can use about a quarter of a squirt of the brand name, as opposed to 1 - 2 squirts of the "home brand". Therefore, I'll keep buying the brand name soap.
Another example is toilet paper. I buy middle to high range quality paper as the cheap paper disintegrates on contact with moisture, therefore you have to use about 3 times as much.
There are some "home brand" products I've used for a long time that are just as good as others, such as flour.
So, try all products but be aware that "cheap" products won't always save you money.

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Chrisy said... true...and many home brands are supporting big corporations too...

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