The past week has been a flurry of visitors, appointments and social engagements with a little desperate catch up on housework thrown in (no I haven't caught up yet) so I have nothing new to show and tell. The only time I used my sewing machine was at sewing class, but there are projects on my (long) waiting list. I did work on some doll designs on paper though, so thats something at least.

Something has got me thinking. It seems a group of women cannot get together without discussion turning to husbands. Naturally, there is nothing wrong with that, but I've noticed the talk is never really positive. It bothers me. No, my husband is not perfect, but does that mean I need to advertise his personal flaws to a group of eager women? Wouldn't that be an abuse of trust in our relationship?
If someone needs to have a genuine and quiet talk about their marriage I'm all ears, but I just don't know what to do/say in this group situation. I understand that for many women they are so frustrated with their husbands that it just becomes a habit to speak of them this way, but honestly it only makes me feel sorry for the husband who doesn't know a group of women are belittling him.
How about this....... if you are in the habit of airing your dirty laundry to others, each time you feel a complaint coming on, stop yourself, and instead think of something he does that is great, or something you really love about him, and tell others that instead! Easier said than done? Try it once and see if it helps!

Until next time
God bless you all and thanks for reading!

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