Fun subject hey? Nonetheless, very important. In the past few months I've implemented a few strategies to help us be in control of our financial situation.

1. We have a monthly "finance sheet" pinned on the wall near the fridge (a prominent place). On it I write all bills (and their due dates), appointments, pay dates and savings for each month. I put a new one up at the start of a new month with the same categories. I then tick off or cross out each item as it becomes obsolete eg. when a bill is payed. This has helped us immensely to keep track of what we need to do each month.

2. For 3 months now I have been writing down every single thing we spend money on, GASP! Its true!! Its not that hard once you get in the groove. I plan to do it for a year so that I know exactly how much money we need. It also encourages you to not buy things you don't need once you see how it adds up on paper. At the end of each month I tally up the figures and review to see if we need to make changes. If you have to live on a low income I really recommend you do this!


Gill - That British Woman said...

It's an eye opener when you start to write down everything you spend. Good luck with everything.

Gill from Canada

the handmaden said...

Thanks Gill,
I wonder if you are facing the same challenges as we are here, with home loan interest rates high (although they seem to have stabilised somewhat now) as well as petrol and food prices soaring?

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