Craft and Quilt fair

I dragged my sister along on Saturday, I thought it would be busy, but wow! I'm not usually one for group situations so I didn't really enjoy being bustled around in a massive crowd. I did however, enjoy looking at the stalls and so many fabrics! I was very good and didn't buy much, I think I was a bit overwhelmed by choice and didn't want to get carried away. I loved the Katkins Designs stall and Karlene was lovely to deal with. Her dolls are inspirational and I finally got a turning tool which will enable me to make small dolls.

We had a real frost here this morning, I'll have to inspect the garden for damage. It was so cold my hands hurt drying off lastnight's metal cutlery from the drying rack. We're off to the doctor this morning for the dreaded immunisations, one of my least favourite tasks as a Mum.

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Octamom said...

It's so fun to check in on your blog and realize that you are in the middle of your winter--it's over 100 degrees here where I live--and I'm longing for some frost!

Beautiful fabrics!

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