Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Beautiful home and garden

I love looking at pictures from Jackie French's property,its just the sort of place I'd love to have one day.
I got a bit of sewing done today, worked on ds's top but didn't get to do the neckline (need ribbing). I also worked on an old UFO which is now nearly finished, its a wallhanging. Its very satisfying to finish something thats been lying around just because I lost my enthusiasm for it initially.
I'm sort of feeling in between with crafting at the moment, not really sure what I want to persue and just doing bits and pieces. I don't really feel like painting either. I guess I'll get my groove back. I'm sure going to the Craft and Quilt Fair on the weekend will leave me itching to get into it!


jamesnbethany@roadrunner.com said...

Just wanted to let you know I tagged you!

the handmaden said...

Umm, don't laugh, but what do I do? I'm not very educated with this sort of thing!