Beautiful home and garden

I love looking at pictures from Jackie French's property,its just the sort of place I'd love to have one day.
I got a bit of sewing done today, worked on ds's top but didn't get to do the neckline (need ribbing). I also worked on an old UFO which is now nearly finished, its a wallhanging. Its very satisfying to finish something thats been lying around just because I lost my enthusiasm for it initially.
I'm sort of feeling in between with crafting at the moment, not really sure what I want to persue and just doing bits and pieces. I don't really feel like painting either. I guess I'll get my groove back. I'm sure going to the Craft and Quilt Fair on the weekend will leave me itching to get into it!


Anonymous said...

Just wanted to let you know I tagged you!

the handmaden said...

Umm, don't laugh, but what do I do? I'm not very educated with this sort of thing!

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