Homeschooling tips

Here are some things that have helped me over the past few years...

1. Don't set too much work (particularly for young children). Incorporate regular breaks into your study time.
2. Be organised! Complete your lesson plan each night for the next day.
3. Follow each child's interests and tailor their work around what they like to do.
4. Utilise your local library. You will save so much money and its a great outing.
5. Don't buy unnecessary things. Start with basics and figure out over time what you need. eg. dictionary, world map, pencils, art materials etc.
6. Meet up or liase with other homeschoolers. They are a wealth of information.
7. Chores and life skills are an integral part of daily life, the sooner children learn this the more your family can work as a team.
8. Include younger children by organising "school" activities appropriate to their age.
9. Give rewards for good work and the occasional "surprise day off".
10. If its not working take a step back and analyse. Remember, you determine holiday and break times so if you're extra tired or bogged down take time off!

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i am storm. said...

good for you. i was home schooled for the early years. one of the best parts, in my mind, is that it supports independent thinkers and supports year round learners -- you favourite teacher is always there. she/he know what motivates you and is always around to answer your questions.

take care of you,


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