Tolerance, what is that? The Concise Oxford Dictionary tells me that to tolerate is:
" endure, allow to exist without interference or molestation (esp.) allowing of differences in religious opinion without discrimination". 

In these times you may be forgiven for misunderstanding the real definition of tolerance, as with so many other English words, the meaning has been misused, twisted and abused. When a person labels me as "intolerant" they are usually indicating that because I don't agree with their opinions I deserve to be ostracised and persecuted. Isn't that the opposite of real tolerance?

Which brings me to another word that has been modernised. Bigot. I refer to the Oxford once again:
"Obstinate and intolerant adherent of a creed of view". 
Well, I adhere strictly to the teachings of the Catholic church and am faithful to the papacy, but there is that word "intolerant" again. 

In the past few days since homosexual marriage was legalised in all states of America I have seen enough hate to last me a lifetime. And I don't mean from those opposed to it. I have taken the step of leaving Facebook in order to discern whether it is the right place for me to spend my time. It has been ugly, hateful. 

Christians have been verbally abused, have had obscene and pornographic material posted on their pages by those who have different views, have had email campaigns against them circulating after writing blog posts explaining their views and a priest friend on Facebook was spat on by two men as he happened to walk past a pride march in America. This is just the beginning of the persecution for Christians and I believe the situation is going to go from bad to worse.

All this sounds pretty negative, but I trust it is all part of God's plan. He knows what he is doing and we don't have to worry. But I think it's important to keep talking. To tell people that we love traditional marriage and why. 

I'll leave you with this quote to ponder.


DianeOart said...

Sorry for the pain, I can understand very well I have left FB a long time ago for similar reasons.

Nanna Chel said...

Great post, Kelly. I have had the same thoughts myself lately. I think we are in for a difficult time ahead but we are certainly not alone.

Kelly Casanova said...

Thanks for your support Diane :)

Kelly Casanova said...

Very true Nanna Chel :)

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