"Secret Garden" book review

I bought this book recently after seeing it on Mary Corbet's blog Needle n Thread. I wasn't disappointed when it arrived.

So, what is this book? A colouring book! But it's more than that. It is a beautiful book of intricate and original designs. The author/ illustrator Johanna Basford has filled the pages with pictures inspired by the flora and fauna of her homeland, Scotland.

There are a few ways you could use the book. Firstly, as a special colouring book, secondly as a base for ideas for pictures of your own and thirdly, you could use it from a design perspective for things like embroidery, as Mary has done. If you take a moment to look at what Mary is doing you can see the potential for such wonderful designs!

To be honest, it is the sort of book that I am attracted to but would write off as a "too frivolous" buy.  At around $16.40 it isn't too extravagant, but unless you photocopy pages to use rather than colouring directly in the book, it is consumable.

My plan for the book is still a secret (at least from my children). It is sitting on top of a shelf as yet unseen by them. I will wait for the right moment - a day well spent, extra chores done or some other achievement and then allow a picture to be chosen to colour in with our best quality pencils. The picture can be dated and named. Gradually, the children will have these beautiful pictures to look back on and enjoy. (I think the little one will have to wait a while to have her turn ;) )

* If you purchase this book via this link you will be blessing me and my family with a small commission - a very valuable thing for a family of book lovers!

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Sue Elvis said...


I followed the link to Mary's blog and now I yearn to get my embroidery out! I need more time. So many things I want to do. I might just have to bookmark this book for future reference.

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