Knit and weave

Lots of yarn activity here lately! I finished a Rainbow Dress using my hand dyed yarns in 10 ply. I love the look of it but I'm not sure how much wear she will get out of it now that the weather is warming up. Being 10ply, it's pretty thick and heavy. As others have said, it will make a great long tunic next winter.

I'll absolutely be knitting this pattern again, perhaps a cotton one for the warm weather. The pattern is by Tikki.

And this is my first ever project off my new rigid heddle loom - a stash busting scarf. I intentionally used a wide variety of yarns to see how they perform differently for weaving. 

I learned so much from this project, and it doesn't look nearly as rough as I expected for a first piece. I discovered that hand dyed and handspun yarns are perfect for weaving :)

My joy of all things yarn is not showing any signs of slowing and I'm very happy to say that my hand dyed yarns are selling really well. I'm waiting on my next order to arrive so I can start dyeing again, there will be cotton too :D

The spring weather is so fabulous here at the moment and there is so much good, productive work to do. I hope you're enjoying it as much as I am.
God bless!


sharine said...

Great finishes. Can't wait to see what colours are coming up:)

Sue Elvis said...


I love both the dress and the scarf! The colours are so bright and appealing.

It's always frustrating when the weather warms up just as we finish knitting something special! I agree the dress will look just as pretty as a tunic next year.

I am still working (very slowly) on Gemma-Rose's cardigan. It's almost finished but she won't get much wear out of it this season either. But I made the cardigan one size larger than needed, and added extra length to the arms, so I'm confident it will still fit next year.

Yes, the weather is glorious here too!

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