Bright Rainbows

Since I spend a bit of time on my artist page on Facebook I forget to come here and show what I've been doing. There have been a few brightly coloured rainbows coming out of my dye studio. My laundry I mean.

This one came out so pretty and the 10 ply means it's beautifully soft and squishy. It's what I'm knitting with at the moment, but I have a spare 100g skein in my Etsy shop, as I thought someone would be bound to want some.

Here is the felt piece laid out. The colours bled a little in the steaming process, which I really like (and someone else did too - it sold very quickly!)

I dyed this skein to contrast with the bright rainbow yarn for Anna's Green Apple dress. The pattern says "adventurous beginner" but I've hit a stumbling block already, hopefully I can figure it out and go on with the dress, it really is a gorgeous pattern.

Hello! Last week was my birthday, so this is me at 37. What a good age it is too :)


Sue Elvis said...


You're looking good at 37! I can't remember much about 37. It was too long ago!

I love the colours of your yarn and felt. Do you know what your customer is planning to do with her felt?

The Handmaden said...

Yes Sue, she makes dolls and toys so she will use it for the wings of a fairy doll. She's promised to send me a photo when she's done so I can share it here :)

Amy said...

Love your rainbows!

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