Reluctant draw-ers?

My children go through periods of apathy with their drawing and as it's important to my husband and I that our kids are "arty" like we are, we try to keep them inspired.

There are so many ways to inspire a children artistically, but here is a simple one that has worked a treat in our home. I bought some simple but nice quality sketch pads to make into art journals. Then the kids and I went on an outing to our local scrapbooking store where they selected paper, stickers and plenty of bling!

They were so excited about all the pretty things we bought (most of which were $2 packets) that they set to work on decorating their art journals straight away. We covered to boring front cover with scrapbooking paper and the rest was just sticking on whatever they wanted.

They've been given free licence to make their journals their own - they can draw, write stories and prayers, stick in pictures they like, really just whatever they feel inspired to do.

They are so thrilled with their art journals that they've barely left them out of sight and they're already being filled with beautiful artistic works that they can keep and look back on.

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Antique Rose Designs said...

Great idea and it keeps them out of your hair for a while. Me being crafty too I did this with my kids too and the other day I was cleaning out some cupboards and came across their books. I sat and looked at each page and it brought back memories of when we did them together. Take care Carol

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