First foray into screen printing

I've been interested in screen printing for ever so long and finally got myself organised to book into a workshop and head down to Ballarat today.

Laura from Learn 2 Screen-Print has recently relocated to Ballarat from Melbourne and has a great studio set up at her home. We started out by cutting some stencils to screen print onto cards.

Our next cut out stencils were printed onto fabric. Husband and I designed the pattern together. It's hard to appreciate the deep red colour due to my night - time photos.

Another one printed on linen. Deep red on linen looks so delicious!
I'm thinking it would look great embellished with threads and beads.

My class mate Lisa chose to print this beautiful design and I was lucky enough to score one to take home :) Lisa is a very enthusiastic quilter and is just as excited as I am about the possibilities this art form offers.

I had a really great day and it's so wonderful to learn new skills that relate to and build on what I already do.

Laura was a knowledgeable and relaxed teacher and I really feel confident enough to start screen printing at home on a small scale - can't wait!


Tas said...

This is on my listtoo, Kel. Good on you for getting out and doing it. Looks like it was fun.

Antique Rose Designs said...

Looks great. Sounds like you had fun.

baukje said...

Your pattern is beautiful. What alot of possibilities with this printing. The print on the bag is so lovely.....

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