A start on winter sewing

I'm right into the winter sewing now that my latest Crafty Mamas order is here and the biting cold weather is a great motivator.  For the littlest one I used my trusty Ottobre 301 top pattern. Don't you love that mushroom print?

I also did a new pair of leggings (Burda pattern) which my girls love to live in. Usually I'd put a skirt over the top, it looks so cute.
I'm a little excited about the cooler weather because I'm right into knitting this year and my skills are improving really fast. The hardest part is waiting on materials purchased online to arrive as sadly there are no wonderful knitting stores near me.

Is the cool weather motivating you to make certain things? A warm quilt or blanket perhaps? Knitted cardies or hats? Do tell!


Nell said...

nothing happening here as the sewing machine is in for a major overhaul -2nd visit in a month :( You are so clever to sew with knits. I've always been scared to!

Kylie said...

That top is cute. I have never made tops before, I am motived with the weather. My knitting is calling me and I also made a trip to Bendigo last weekend and picked up some fabrics to sew a dress and skirt for Amelia and a pair of pants for Baden

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