A little apron


I hope you're all having a nice family Sunday as I am. I've made a little apron and thought I would offer it for sale here first, ie. I'm too lazy to list it in the shop!

The size is multi fit - here it is modelled by my 6 year old.

And here it is modelled by my 2 year old.

I'm asking for $15 which includes postage within Australia. If you are interested just leave a comment or feel free to contact me via email.

Enjoy the rest of the weekend and God bless you all :)


Vic said...

DOH! I just bought an apron & chef hat set from Etsy for Punk for Christmas! Sooooooooooo cute though, especially your models. :)

Nell said...

I had planned to make Maddie her own apron for Christmas but am working fulltime at kindy for the next 2 weeks (and doubt I could make one that cute!)- consider it SOLD. Do you want to email me with direct deposit details?
Many thanks,

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