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Persuasion - Jane Austen


Butterfly Wreath Embroidery

                                                              Butterfly Wreath

Squirrel Stumpwork Project

                                                   Squirrel Stumpwork Project

These beautiful embroidery pieces were created by Emily - a self confessed stitchaholic! To see more of her work you can visit her at The Flossbox, she has a lot of patterns, tutes and tips for embroidery and cross stitch.

coloured beehive bookplate
Beehive bookplate

letterpress mini bunting

Letterpress mini bunting

linocut letterpress bookplates
Mushroom bookplate

Narelle from Ruby Victoria Letterpress is one of the reasons I recently bought a set of lino cutting tools and equipment, I just love her work. And I love the unique quality of a linoprint.
Narelle has an Etsy shop and can be found at markets if you're in Tassie.

lone hickory
What can I say about these, possibly the most awesome pieces of wearable art I've ever seen!
Lisa from Lil Fish Studios is my kind of artist. She crafts objects of beauty that are functional. She firstly needlefelts and embroiders her brooches, then she searches her own property for exactly the right mount for each artwork.

The base may be made of wood, a shell, even antler. She handcrafts the base with a saw, drill and sanding.

Inspiring works from lovely ladies, thank you all for sharing your crafts with us :)

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Lisa at lil fish studios said...

You're so kind! Thanks so much for sharing my work here.

I am kind of, no, totally in love with that squirrel. And those mushroom bookplates. And... beautiful stuff, all of it.

quilary said...

Love those bookplates - it's hard to find cleverly designed ones around. Thanks for the links

Narelle Badalassi said...

Thank you so much for your kind words about my work here on your blog
kindest regards
Narelle x

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