Another busy week with plenty of secret and somewhat frantic sewing. One of our girls was born on my husband's birthday almost 4 years ago, so we have a double celebration next week.

My husband loved hand puppets as a kid and has been hounding asking me for years to make him one.

As I have no such affinity with puppets I got on my high horse and said I wasn't interested in making puppets, which only pressed the issue further, my husband being of the somewhat stubborn and mildly eccentric persuasion.
Enough of that. I have made him not one but two hand puppets, and what do you know, I really enjoyed making them and will likely make more. Can't wait to give them to him. Pattern from Planet Puppet.

Some little Mary Janes for a cousin's new baby.

One of my favourite flowers - the jonquil. They take me right back to my impoverished uni days when a winter treat was to buy a couple of cheap bunches of jonquils on Sydney Road and fill my tiny little flat with their heady scent.

These two are thick as thieves and spend most of their time together now. Miss G has taken up facepainting and is always looking for a willing subject or two. She has a real creative flair.

And when not facepainting they can be found at a posh tea party where one must wear floral dresses, posh hats and use their "lady" manners!

I was sent a silver bezel, among other goodies as a kindly gift from Kerrie at Jackobindi. I cut out a little circle of fabric and sealed it with mod podge, then poured clear resin on top. Cute huh?

Apart from these, and many other goings on I have been dreaming and drooling over the Harkaway Homes Catalogue. Hope springs eternal!

Have a great weekend, God bless.


Karen said...

Those puppets are adorable!
The second one reminds me of a blue version of kermit the frog. Funnily enough that's the sort of gift my husband would love too - and his birthday is this Wednesday.
Your face painter would be most welcome here - my girls can't get enough of face painting.

m.e (Cathie) said...

you and you little ones have been having a great time. lots going on even before the holidays have begun.

i love those flowers, the smell is amazing and I love that you used to buy them from Sydney rd.

I also got the Jackobindi pack, must use that soon.

enjoy the holidays Kel and can you please send me an email with your address again...I am just hopeless and misplaced it.

thanks ♥

Jodie said...

Your husband is sure to love those puppets - they look fantastic! I bet the kids will love that he has those puppets too :)

quilary said...

Very cute puppets - was your husband a bit of a Sesame Street fan too?
You really shouldn't have put in the link for those homes - I'm finding it difficult to walk away from the computer!

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