Birthdays and sunshine

July is the month of birthdays in our family, with 4 out of the 6 of us celebrating. This means I spend a lot of July in the kitchen, but is there a more perfect time of year than Winter to be baking?

A 2 year old girl must have heart cookies!


Red velvet cake recipe from Joy of Baking (I dare you to go to that website and avoid drooling all over your keyboard!) I used whipped cream and buttercream frosting instead of the traditional cream cheese frosting. A little hint - next time I'll decorate with cream and buttercream frosting the day before, it was much better on the second day.

I even found time to sew and dye at top for myself, what a rare occurence! I won the Ottobre women's top pattern from the Crafty Mamas blog. Highly recommend - excellent pattern!

So after all the fun and excitement of games like being dragged through the house on a quilt by a mother  
who is feeling very unfit, this little princess conked out early and missed her own birthday dinner! 

Thanks for reading along, bye for now:)


Kylie said...

Happy Birthday to all - your little ones have grown up so quickly (so have mine for that matter)

quilary said...

I was going to wish your household "Happy Birthday" but first I went off to look at the baking website! It's taken me a whole day to remember who sent me there after I got lost in all that yumminess! Well done on sewing for yourself too. I hope the Birthday month is fun for all.

Antique Rose Designs said...

Happy Birthday to everyone. Those cookies look delish!!!! You emailed me about floral shabby chic fabrics. You've come to the right place I have so many fabrics that I need to list on ebay or etsy to sell but just haven't got around to doing it. Too busy quilting. I have heaps of Ashwell fabrics and other shabby chic fabrics. Way too many to tell you the truth. Email me and I can send you some photos of fabrics I have. Carol

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