Home made potato chips

We recently harvested 6.5 kilograms of pinkeye potatoes from the garden which is our biggest haul yet. A really beautiful potato too and organic of course. Here is what I did with one batch and yes - they are as good as they look!

Clean your potatoes but leave the skin on. Cut into thin chips. Place into a hot frying pan coated with olive oil (much healthier than deep frying and you get to taste the chip more than the oil!)
Leave to fry on one side until really sizzling and browning, then flip over roughly. Be careful - they spit!
Keep cooking and turning until all chips are browned. We like ours a bit crispy, but you choose how done you want yours.

Tip onto paper towel and salt to your liking. Make as many batches as you need.
Let cool slightly and eat!

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Jill said...

Oh you do have some yummy looking food here! and fresh from your garden too! Even better!


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