Handmade gifts

I haven't done too well with the handmade gifts this year, but I almost always make something for the girls. Usually it's a doll or soft toy but I think they have plenty of those now!

So I made up some silk pillowcases and dyed them. This one is for my 5 year old who loves pink.

And this one for my 3 year old who loves yellow and pink. These are so nice to lie on, I think I'll be getting requests from other family members when they see these!

What is that?!! you may be thinking. My first thought when I rinsed this out was "oh crap!" The story behind it: I wanted to buy some cotton lawn to make more circle skirts - the "major Australian craft retailer" I went to had run out so the sales assistant suggested using voile (assuring me it was 100% cotton), which I hadn't used before. I cut out 3 skirts and spent.. ahem!.. quite a bit of time tyeing and dyeing them. Nearly all the colour washed out. The pillowcases were in the same dye batch, so I know it's the fabric that's the problem.

When I was having a whinge to my husband about it lastnight his response was "they told you it was 100% cotton and you believed it?" I have history with this retailer. Note to self - don't trust a sales assistant who likely knows a lot less than I do!
You win some, you lose some.


Marie said...

Pillowcases look awesome.

When I have dyed voile it has never come out nice and bright either. The label was 100% cotton, so I don't know if it that particular voile from "you know where" that is rubbish or the label is wrong.

Linda said...

Beautiful pillowcases:)

Clodagh a.k.a. Isra said...

Oh dear, but still they look nice. I appreciate how frustrating it must have been after spending all that time dying. I love the pillow cases, wish blogger had feel, smell and taste options!

Mum2eight said...

oh I love your pillow cases. I am hoping to get a heap of sewing done tomorrow.

quilary said...

The pink pillow is gorgeous - I love the way the tie dye pattern looks.
The skirt looks sweet though, with the soft colours, even if it hasn't turned out how you expected.

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