A few things I've been sewing

Another busy week but at least I managed some sewing time! I found a cute monkey printed jersey at Spotlight on the clearance table and made some "non girly" pyjamas for the "non girly" girl. The good news is she loves the shorts and wants to wear them 24/7 - the bad news is she hates the top and refuses to wear it. Sigh.

I had dyed a mandala on some broadcloth that was just the right size to make a little dress for Half Pint. It's very cute but next time I need to make the straps longer and the dress less "boxy".

From the back.

I love these moments! I caught the boy teaching the little one some piano. These two may be 10 years apart in age but they are terrific friends.

It's pouring rain here today after yesterday being warm and windy, so the garden is drinking it in. I must show you some photos of the garden soon, it's such a wonderful place to be at the moment.

Happy weekend and God bless you all :)


Marie said...

Love that last photo. Such a wonderful moment to capture.

Mum2eight said...

I love the pyjamas and the dress is gorgeous too.

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