This and that.

When the warm weather comes around my husband gets all excited about juggling because he can do it outdoors in the sun where there's plenty of space. He has used a few different types of balls, then I found this tute. He made some and used them yesterday - he thought they were fantastic.

The Natural Kids team are doing a promo showing pictures of member's hands at work. This is my picture, a small person was able to sneak her little hand in too.


Aussie Therese said...

my husband use to have a go at juggling. Maybe I should suggest he makes some of these balls.

willow & moo said...

The juggling balls are great colours.

Your little one loves to get in on the photos! LOL So cute!

Lenna Green of Stitching Cow said...

Hi Handmaden, I remember making some of these juggling balls for my son. AlSO adore your little peg dollies, very clever!
Thanks for participating in my free give away, I wish you luck!

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