Help needed!

I have a growing interest in Crewel embroidery but haven't gone so far as to buy the crewel wool needed yet. The design above is a simple one from a crewel work book which I worked in stranded floss. I'd love to have lots of little framed embroideries around my home, so this one will be the first. I actually want to do one for the laundry, seeing as I spend so much time in there these days and it's possibly the least attractive room in the house!

I love hand embroidery very much and hope to increase my skills to teaching level one day. It is such a rewarding pastime and is so rich in history.

I do have one problem (see above). My mother in law kindly gave me her embroidery tin many years ago and this is what sparked my interest. Each new lot of cotton I buy ends up in here - a tangled mess! I would like to treat my cotton respectfully and increase my stash, but this is holding me back. I'll consult my friend Google for solutions, but if anyone has any helpful suggestions I would be most grateful!


Aussie Therese said...

I wonder if a fishing tackle box would help? they have a heap of little compartments that you could put each one in.

The Handmaden said...

That's not a bad idea, I can just imagine my husband eyeing it off (he loves fishing!)

Gae said...

You can buy cheap plastic boxes from the $2 shops all over the country and then wind your floss onto little embriodery cards. You can even write the number on them if you still have it.
i have done this for over 18 years and it was perfect....untill my girls and younger children started getting in to it for their own craft projects. Now it often needs tidying up BEFORE I start a new project.
Good luck with the organising
God Bless

Desi said...

The tackle box idea is super, it always woks and always make sure you wrap them around something. I used to use recycled cardboard myself but I have recently purchased the little plastic pieces that look like flat spools to wrap them around.

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