Etsy treasury

It sure is a long while since one of my dolls was included in an Etsy treasury, but here she is! It's always exciting to be picked for a treasury. I'm not supposed to be here (see last post!), I can still use the internet but it costs a fortune when you overuse your allowance. I'll be back on Tuesday with an update and some photos, I promise! I can also catch up with all of your blogs, I've been having serious withdrawals!!
I'm working on a bunch of stuff in between the feeds, nappies, schooling, crying (the baby, not me!)
See you next week :)


Punky's Mamma said...

Oh congratulations! That looks like a very cute treasury to be a part of too. :)

...see you next week!

Antique Rose Designs said...

The time away will give you heaps of time to catch up. When I don't have computer access I get withdrawls but I tell you what my house sparkles during that Maybe I need to be away from my computer more often I know my husband would agree. Come back soon. Carol

The Handmaden said...

I absoloutely agree Carol, more time for housework AND crafting!

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