On my walls

Are you the sort of person who walks into a house and wants to look at everything? I find it fascinating visiting homes I haven't been to, maybe I'm just a nosy old stickybeak, but when someone visits me I love it if they want to look around. So, today I'm sharing with you some of the pictures that hang on the walls of our home.

The picture above was an op shop find that is in my bedroom, I practiced ballet from the time I was very young until my teenage years, when I found the discipline of point shoes too hard on my feet.

Our ten year wedding anniversary is in September this year. My, how life has changed since that lovely day, and how our marriage has grown!

This picture was given to me by my mother in law, it has been with her for a long time and is very beautiful.

This one has belonged to my husband for as long as he can remember, its small and cute and lovely.
Today I'm making hospital preparations and am making my first pair of rosary beads. I've repaired plenty of broken sets but never made some from scratch, its going well but is quite hard on your hands and fingers (mine are swollen at the moment too, another pregnancy side effect).
Hope you have a wonderful day!

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Anonymous said...

I enjoyed seeing the beautiful pictures that hang upon your walls! I also enjoy when guests like to look around my home : )

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