Luxurious bamboo velour

I've restocked my Cloth Pad shop with more lovely hand dyed bamboo velour in larger sizes. If you haven't tried velour yet you're really missing out!

Bamboo velour pads instore now

This pad is a bit special. The outer fabric is hand painted then block printed using my fabulous husband's lino cuts and eco friendly water based screen printing ink.

On the flip side (the side you use :) is hand dyed bamboo velour which is a lovely rich purple.

Making it a very unique pad! But it's not just beautiful, it's also highly functional. Pop over to my Cloth Pad Shop for more details but you'd better get in quick - I don't expect this one to be there for long. 
If you miss out don't worry, I have more bamboo velours coming :)

Cathedral windows pin cushions

Odd fact : I've never owned a pin cushion. I've been sewing and embroidering for years sans one of these cute but practical sewing essentials. I'm glad I decided to remedy that!

Finding this great tute gave me instant ideas on how to use some of the Blueberry Ash fabric I won recently.

And to test out how our screen printed fabric looks in action (see the purple print?)
Pretty darn good if I do say so myself!

The backs are almost as cute as the fronts! Don't you love the red and white print (Blueberry Ash screen print).

Now I'm left to ponder several thoughts.
1. Why did I never make a pincushion before?
2. How did I miss the wondrous possibilities of cathedral windows?
3. Who will I give the extra pincushion to? (Actually, I already have someone in mind - someone will be getting some mailbox candy very soon ;)
4. Which one can I bear to part with?.....

Cloth pads - new stock

Rainbow sunburst maxi waterproof

Fushcia blue maxi waterproof

Rainbow regular waterproof

Fushcia blue regular waterproof

All available in my Cloth Pad shop now :)

New pads

Just to let you know I have a couple of new pads in my Cloth Pad shop and even managed to get some outdoor photos before it rained!
This Blue Sky maxi pad is my largest design and has a hidden layer of PUL, so it is waterproof.

This is my favourite type of pad. It's a regular, so for light - medium flow and has 2 layers of flannel in the middle core as well as bamboo cotton fleece. These are just so comfy!

Don't forget, all purchases this month go in the draw to win a prize pack worth $80!

Reluctant draw-ers?

My children go through periods of apathy with their drawing and as it's important to my husband and I that our kids are "arty" like we are, we try to keep them inspired.

There are so many ways to inspire a children artistically, but here is a simple one that has worked a treat in our home. I bought some simple but nice quality sketch pads to make into art journals. Then the kids and I went on an outing to our local scrapbooking store where they selected paper, stickers and plenty of bling!

They were so excited about all the pretty things we bought (most of which were $2 packets) that they set to work on decorating their art journals straight away. We covered to boring front cover with scrapbooking paper and the rest was just sticking on whatever they wanted.

They've been given free licence to make their journals their own - they can draw, write stories and prayers, stick in pictures they like, really just whatever they feel inspired to do.

They are so thrilled with their art journals that they've barely left them out of sight and they're already being filled with beautiful artistic works that they can keep and look back on.

Make do and make a start

I thought I'd share with you a little reality check today. It is easy for us to imagine that people we see on social media, on websites...